Who We Are

HM Staffing is more than just your standard, everyday, uninspired recruitment agency. We have evolved with the times and pride ourselves on our innovative mindset.

Born out of a need to break the status quo and change the way in which recruitment companies operated, HM broke into the industry and immediately began to shake things up.

We originally started out sourcing talent for businesses across Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire, however in the last three years we have grown to now provide recruitment support to businesses across the entire UK.

Scaling from a local agency to a large national brand in just a matter of years has proven to us that our ethos and way of working is valued by our clients and now our focus is on continuing that growth and working with many more organisations in the coming years.

We work diligently and proactively, removing stress during the application process through our innovative interviewing technology and hassle-free solutions and platforms.

HM Staffing specialises in

No matter what your requirements are, HM Staffing are here to help.

HM Staffing Company Values

We believe that by staying true to our values, we’ve managed to maintain our uniqueness. Every day our team practice what we preach and bring those values to life.

For example, our client-focused approach means we don’t use internal rivalry and push our team to compete with one another – we’re fully focused on our clients and candidates, moving together as one unstoppable entity.

We’re not interested in individual success stories or who took home the largest bonus. The resulting outcome is the highest levels of service, every time.

Our philosophy has served us well over the years, and we won’t be changing it any time soon. We’re passionate about what we do and how we do it, and judging by how successful HM Staffing has been to date, our clients agree with our methods.

The next colleague you hire has the potential to move your business forward. We will work with you to find the right person to drive your success and deliver your goals.
To achieve this we actively listen to you to understand your own ethos, values and beliefs. Our ambition is to get what you need to fulfil your ambitions.
Our passion lies in the performance we give our clients. We measure success only by how our clients view our performance. Your success is our success. We care deeply about both.
Clear Thinking
We don’t just assume we have the answers before you walk through the door. Bland, generic ways of doing things won’t always cut it. We have the courage to innovate and disrupt when that leads to the best solution for you.
Everything we do is about respect – Respect for you, your business, your values, your future. From foundations of mutual respect, we believe we can build a sincere yet strong relationship with our clients and candidates, one that stands the test of time.
Staying in Touch
Recruiting a new colleague is the start of something, not the end. We will keep in close touch to see how things develop and understand how together you are achieving your goals – and setting new ones.

Why We Do What We Do

Recruitment is about people and our futures. A company succeeds by the people it employs working in unison, motivated to achieve together. Its staff are the most valuable – and critical – asset it has.

Recruitment is about human beings with aspirations. And intelligently matching those aspirations with the aspirations of your company.

People change. So does your company: the way it works, its needs, its goals. Recruitment should never be about mindlessly clinging to outdated assumptions and old ways of doing things.

We have to do better. And be better.
To build a better world of work based on respect, courage and innovation is what HM Staffing is about. In today’s uncertain world that has never been more important.

Why Choose HM Staffing?

When you ask us to work with you we are representing your brand, not just to candidates we identify but to their colleagues, friends and family. What we do reflects directly on you.

We get that. We take that seriously.

That’s why we commit to working with integrity, passion and openness with every client. Nobody knows your business better than you.

We will talk to you, listen and understand, give the advice you need, and build the right strategy for each post. We will make sure you have total confidence in us through every step of the process.

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Who Do we Work With?

Recruitment Clients

We’re a rapidly growing agency based in Reading and that now works with a wealth of dynamic SME’s across the UK. But it’s not all about geography and size isn’t everything.

HM Staffing are always intent on sourcing the best quality candidates for the businesses we work with, straight away.

We provide our clients with a bespoke service, where we source applicants, prepare initial interviews and provide applications for your attention once a potential candidate has met your initial minimum criteria.

We have access to multiple networks and an expansive talent pool, to secure our clients with the very best candidates, who we will personally put forward after meeting and getting to know them.

Do you have an urgent need to fill a role? Or has the whole process just felt endless in the past? Have other agencies just not been able to reach that elusive right candidate for you?

Whatever your need speak to HM Staffing today and let us work with you to find that perfect new hire.


Are you a candidate yourself looking for your next move? Are we the people you’ll feel confident with to help you build your career? Do we work with the kind of employer you want to work with?

We know that when you’re on the hunt for a new role, it can be a little daunting, not to mention tedious at times. That’s where HM Staffing steps in to help.

Unlike most traditional recruitment agencies, we don’t bombard our candidates with vague job “opportunities”. We take the time to listen and learn bout you, your previous roles, your skillset and what it is you’re looking for.

Our mission is to match our candidates with the perfect position making it a win/win/win all round for us, our clients and yourself. Whether you’re looking for temporary, permanent or contract roles, we have a range of job opportunities available, with new roles frequently being added.

If you’d like support finding your next position, get in touch!

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