Office Support & Human Resources

Office Manager and Administrator
Personal Assistant and Secretary
Payroll Administrator
HR Director
HR Manager and Officer
HR Compliance
Training and Development Manager
In-House Recruiter

Common Recruitment Issues

You will need to find people who are good with people for these roles and assess those skills during the recruitment process. Office support and HR roles call for excellent organisational and communication skills.

They will have ongoing contact with everyone who works in your business. They will need to support them in their daily work, career development and resolve personnel and practical problems as they arise. Finding candidates with necessary practical knowledge and skills and emotional intelligence is a key challenge.

How Can HM Staffing Help?

We will create for you a shortlist of candidates with the necessary core skills and qualifications in a timely and efficient manner. We will offer suitable candidates in-depth video interviews and encourage them to show the best of themselves.

The personal fit with your team is a key matter we’ll pay particular attention to. Nobody wants to hire an office manager nobody likes or HR professional nobody dare approach!

Why Choose HMStaffing?

For Office Support and HR roles it is especially important that you gain an accurate and in-depth understanding of the person you’ll be making a job offer to. With our excellent pool of locally-based candidates we will be optimally placed to support you with our professional eye and personal knowledge.

We have a proven track record of recruitment into these roles. We will help you to get the right person in place quickly and efficiently. These jobs are central to the smooth running of your business: we will help you find the right person, right away.


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