Industries we work with

We work with companies across a very broad range of industries in the area. Recently we have worked with clients who operate in these sectors:


One of the most dynamic and unpredictable of industries IT is now embedded at the heart of almost every business. In the UK alone the sector employs around three million people and the digital tech economy has increased by 11% in the past two years alone.

Typical roles in the sector we can help you recruit to range from hardware engineering to software developing, IT consultancy to games development, technical support to web design.
Being based in Reading HM Staffing is ideally located to maintain the very best networks in the heart of the UK’s IT industry.

Being a young dynamic agency we have grown up with technology impacting on every aspect of our everyday lives. We are not playing catch-up.

Consumer Goods

Selling products to individuals and households, the consumer goods sector covers a wide array of smaller industries. These cover durable items such as white goods to nondurable items such as food and drink. They can be essential items such as clothing to luxury goods such as high-end watches or jewellery.

Jobs in this sector are absolutely not confined to just sales roles. Typically they manage the design, production, supply and selling of consumer goods. You might be working in managing supply chains and distribution or deciding what stock to buy on behalf of a retailer.

The consumer goods industry has never been more dependent on technological developments and how they drive everything from trends in consumer behaviour to the manufacturing processes and supply chains of the goods themselves. HM Staffing has deep understanding of how these different sectors intersect and drive each other forward. We will ensure your next hire is fully equipped to understand all the issues and opportunities your company will face.

Marketing and Advertising

Marketing and advertising roles are all about promoting, enhancing and maintaining the public profile of a company, its services or the products its sells. To do this effectively, they need to have an accurate and up-to-date understanding of changing demographics and consumer trends before they can design effective publicity and marketing campaigns.

But jobs in marketing and advertising are not all just about building a campaign strategy. They also encompass account executives, professionals specialising in market research or media relations, event planners and art or design directors. HM Staffing regularly recruits to roles in this sector.


No sector is more important, or probably more high profile, than the healthcare and life sciences sectors. Few if any are more dynamic and ever-changing.

Translating laboratory research into new effective drugs and treatments that finally get to patients is a daunting and time-consuming process. It relies on cutting-edge research and close collaboration across private industry, universities, charities, healthcare providers – and, almost always, borders.

But roles in healthcare are not restricted to delivering clinical services to patients. From researchers in laboratories working for pharmaceutical companies or those developing and selling medical equipment to managers running care homes or counselling services, the health and wellbeing sector offers a diverse range of specialist employment opportunities.


We live in the age of information and telecoms companies are responsible for the free flow of information and data – voice, audio, text, video – around the globe and into your home or pocket.

They do this by providing both systems that allow that circulation of data and equipment like mobile phones that receive it and allow the customer to access it.

Jobs in the telecoms sector can range from public-facing roles such as sales and support through to marketing specialists and engineers and technicians developing the latest infrastructure.

Cyber Security

The cyber security industry covers three principal sorts of security: cloud security, network security and security of individual applications through such things as computer firewalls and anti-virus software.

Jobs in the cyber security sector encompass a full range of opportunities such as systems architects and analysts to consultants and engineers.

With its strong networks in the IT and Cyber Security industries HMStaffing is ideally placed to find the right candidate for your vacancy.