Temporary Contracts

Many companies need, or choose, to hire temporary staff across an extremely wide and varied array of roles. Some of the most common we can help you with are:

  • Seasonal Sales or Merchandising
  • Temporary Receptionist or Administrators
  • Temporary Customer Services Representatives
  • Maternity Cover

Common Recruitment Issues

When recruiting becomes a matter of urgency rather than something you’ve been planning it can feel like getting someone – anyone – in place quickly is an uphill struggle.

You’ve set your expectations to damage limitation. Usual concerns to find someone who is a good match with your corporate culture and image may feel unrealistic.

How Can HM Staffing Help?

With our existing networks and pool of talent we may well already know just the person you need to fill that gap in your business when a generic agency temp just isn’t going to cut it.

As we take care to get to know every candidate we interview personally and understand what type of work they’re interested in, your crisis may be just the job opportunity we know they’re looking for.

We’ll make sure you find some who takes this job just as seriously as they would a permanent one and will make a real contribution to your business during their time with you.

Why Choose HMStaffing?

Suddenly finding yourself without a key member of staff for what feels like a long period of weeks and months is a situation most employers face. Finding adequate cover for that role, especially at a more senior level, if you can’t provide it internally may feel like a crisis about to unfold.

We understand the need to identify the best cover for you – urgently. Our culture of swift action to find our clients the right staff is just what is needed when identifying temporary workers.

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